Babarogic - Product UX Designer

Babarogic - Product UX Designer

As a UI/UX designer & Frontend Developer, I apply human-centered design principles and user research methods to create customer-focused products.

Goran Babarogic Product Designer
Goran Babarogic Product Designer

What I Do

💻 Product Design

Product design is what I do. I create a plan and work through the small details that will make products successful.

🏃‍♂️ Design Sprint

Why spending months on building product when you can have a tested prototype in just 5-days using Google Ventures methodology. Learn more

📱 UI/UX Design

I am able to play an essential role in developing changes to existing products or fresh ideas by finding ways to make them more valuable, feasible, and usable.


Creating lean, highly effective MVP experiments. Testing with real people against actual problems to ensure your core assumptions are validated.

👨‍💻 Conversion Optimization

If your goal is to increase email subscribers, than I can make them sign up for your newsletter.

👪 UX Audit

UX auditing is your secret weapon to getting more customers. Remember, user experience is everything!

My Work


I am currently working as a Full Stack Designer at Nicey Consulting in Serbia. I Co-Founded and worked as Creative Director of Branding Magazine. My focus is on connecting with people, understanding their needs and delivering according to those needs.

I have been working for over 10 years in the digital industry, designing and developing products for mid-sized tech startups. Currently my focus is on helping these startups create sustainable digital products that will make their customers happy and keep them coming back!