Hello. I'm Goran. 👋
Hello. I'm Goran. 👋

Hello. I'm Goran. 👋

UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer from Novi Sad 🌆 I enjoy working with mid-sized tech startups to create sustainable digital products and happy customers.

What I do

💻 Product Design

I combine business, tech, and design in order to discover products that are valuable, feasible, and usable.

⛔️ No Code

I specialise in creating digital products and businesses without code in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods.

🧭 Product Strategy

I help teams and founders create and maintain a clear and defined product and go to market strategy.

🚀 MVPs

I create lean, highly effective MVP experiments. Testing with real people against actual problems to ensure your core assumptions are validated.

🔎 Front-end Development

I help people and companies to get their idea come to life. With latest technologies, everything is possible.

👪 Community Building

I create and grow highly engaged online audiences via email and social marketing techniques.

Case Studies

Contact Me

Looking for some product advice? Need help with validating an idea? Want to know how to create an MVP with no code?

I've helped 47 people already. Use form on the right and send me a message. I will get back to you in no time!