UX/UI Design for Comparison Site

Truely is a compare and review site where people can read and write reviews and compare certain products. The project was groundbreaking and revolutionary, helping users find what they like and waste less time researching the product or service.







Company size

Company size



Truely's mission was to use technology to aggregate the voices of real consumers from all over the internet, including social media, videos, and review sites. In the process, the Truely algorithm flagged suspicious reviews and returned the true statements from consumers to help users make the best and ideal purchase.


The challenge was to make a design suitable for a wide age range of people. I created web and mobile screens while also running user testing. From the beginning, I was part of the team, working closely with stakeholders and developers while designing prototypes for user testing sessions.


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Research & Analysis: We conducted user interviews, surveys, and analyzed in-app analytics to understand the pain points and user needs. We also studied competitor apps and industry trends to gather insights

Information Architecture: Based on the research findings, we restructured the app's navigation and content, prioritizing features and information according to user needs.

Wireframing & Prototyping: We designed low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the new layout and navigation, iteratively refining them based on user feedback. Afterward, we built a high-fidelity, interactive prototype to test the design.

Usability Testing: We conducted usability tests with a diverse group of users to validate the design and identify areas for improvement. Based on the feedback, we made necessary adjustments to the design.

Visual Design & Style Guide: We developed a cohesive visual language, including color schemes, typography, and iconography, ensuring consistency throughout the app. We also created a style guide to maintain design consistency in future updates.