Package Delivery System

Package Delivery System

Goran Babarogic

Role (UI/ UX Designer)

Lead UI/UX designer. Responsible for all phases of UX design, from User personas, user journey, user flow, low and high fidelity and Prototyping. Product is web and app design for transportation platform:


The main purpose of the platform: Digital solution for sending, receiving and tracking packages. The solution would be a bridge between customer and carriers. Customers can send and track their packages by sitting in their homes, while the drivers can get more income by getting more clients without having to rely on other factors, like transport companies.

There were two types of user. Driver and Consumer. Driver was responsible for accepting the call for receiving the package and delivering it to certain location. The platform was meant to run on the Middle East, where potential Drivers were not well educational people, with little or no computer literacy. On the other hand, the Consumers were 15+ years old, either students or working citizens, with experience of using smartphones and internet in general.

The pain point was to create user friendly design for everyone, even for our Driver persona.


To create user friendly designs, we needed to create in depth user testing in countries where platform will bi deployed. Which we did. Based on that, we created simple but modern design. We created bigger illustrations, better typography, and changed overall feel of the app.


After few revisions, the final design was delivered to the client. Unfortunately, Covid19 happened, and the current status of the project is unknown.

Page 1: User Persona


Page 2: User task flow

Part of user flow


Bilty - User App

Bilty - User Web

Bilty - Driver App